Elfangelus Elfangelus
The Elfangelus is a mystical being with a deep connection to nature's strength and powerful double attacks.
Amina Amina
Legendary warrior queen, known for her combat skills and unyielding spirit. She whispers tales of ancient magic and forgotten kingdoms.
Demigodus Demigodus
The Demigodus is a being known for its divine glory, proficient in many arts.
Bard Bard
The Bard is a master of music and magic, inspiring allies with powerful songs. The bard can put up a great defence, big health and natural resistance to physical.
Hobgoblin Hobgoblin
The Hobgoblin is a fierce warrior, known for their strength and resilience in battle. Defence warrior of the deep, focusing also on critical hits.
Archaeus Archaeus
An ancient mage known for powerful spells but only resistant to magic.
Mazi Mazi
Champion of the lush African savanna with a hint of mystical energy emanating from him, symbolizing his connection to the spirits of the wild.
Arkorian Arkorian
From the dark depths of purgatory, this physical beast hits criticals and has resistance to magic & physical.