Ancient Rome looks for its Greatest Gladiator in History!

Compete against the best and prove your mettle in simple but thrilling text battles > Play in Chrome/Safari. Desktop / Laptop / Tablet only!


After endless ebbs and flows and refining the product intensively we are ready to launch soon!

You will love this wonderful Free To Play Browser RPG!

🗡️ 🧙‍♂️ 🛡️ 🏰 🐉

Find and customize your Armor Set, with endless options to acquire and upgrade your gear according to your play style and appearance. Game economy with 3 currencies.

Experience the sights of the Arena, amazing game modes and life as a Warrior Legend! So, are you with us??

Game Features

Auction House


Happens twice a day but be prepared you might get outbid! Imagine the thrill and stories after this one!



Ready to match against the best? Looking forward to see what you have!



Be prepared to go on the trip of a lifetime. Exquisite stories await with options to change your journey and choose your favourite playing style. Rewards will differ as well!



Prepared to fall into Miss Crafter's charms and spend great moments solving her mystery?

Military Campaign


Adventure without the fluff and put in a nutshell > Get straight to those juicy rewards!



Suit up like a beast on the path to glory!

+5 Other Surprise Game Modes for you to discover!

Mighty Classes


The bard can put up a great defence, great early crit, big health and some natural resistance to physical

Bard Image


Legendary warrior queen, known for her combat skills and unyielding spirit. She whispers tales of ancient magic and forgotten kingdoms.

Amina Image


Noble holy warrior from heaven, known for its strength, grit and double attacks

Elfangelus Image


From the dark depths of purgatory, this physical beast has sweet resistance to magic & physical while hitting criticals

Arkorian Image


An ancient mage known for versatile attacks on multiple foes but only resistant to magic

Archaeus Image


A being known for its divine glory, proficient in many arts

Demigodus Image


A defence warrior of the deep focusing also on critical hits and strength

Hobgoblin Image


Champion of the lush African savanna with a hint of mystical energy emanating from him, symbolizing his connection to the spirits of the wild.

Mazi Image

About Us

We are a tiny indie studio called Technets. Our goal is to enchant and excite people while making sure they have a gorgeous and responsible time playing. We included puzzles in Boagrius and we will keep bringing certain game modes that inspire and make people think.

We plan to launch a Google Play app in spring 2025. Hope you will enjoy this game as we enjoyed the thousands of hours spent making it :)!
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